Cemuhook Download

v0.5.5.1 (for cemu 1.8.1 ~ 1.11.0)

v0.4.1.0 (for cemu 1.7.3 ~ 1.8.0)

h264 module for cemu, GamePad full motion sensing support and more.

Emulating game cut scenes can take exceptional work and there’s no guarantee that the developers of an emulator will make emulating game videos their top priority. Quite a few Wii U games use h.264 format videos which Cemu currently doesn’t support. It was the same for Cemu but luckily an independent developer made a nearly complete h264 module for cemu which works just as good an h264 module would work if it was developed by Cemu developers. Using Cemuhook you can watch in-game cut scnenes as well as unlock your framerate and boost performance.

This is most noticeable in Cemu Mario kart 8 & The Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild. Using Cemuhook provide a considerable boost to game performance as well as reducing loading times considerably. It’s easy to implement and is constantly updated to work with the latest Cemu release.