Even though the Wii U couldn’t manage to make a name for itself in the gaming market due to its uncomfortable controls and underpowered hardware but its variety of games are enjoyable nonetheless.

Cemu is currently the leading and only working emulator for the Nintendo Wii U that actually manages to run games smoothly and reliably. With Cemu, running Wii U games at 4K is finally a possibility and after years of hard work by the developers, it can finally emulate nearly all the best Wii U games at a stable frame rate with little no graphical glitches.

Play games in 4K – or At Least 1080p

Like every other emulator, Cemu manages to outperform the emulated console by a massive margin. Considering that Cemu is far from being a fully operational emulator it has still managed to successfully emulate games like Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild, Bayonetta, and Super Smash Bros among many other. As far as hardware requirements are concerned, you need a fairly powerful PC to run games at 1080p with a stable 60FPS or 30FPS depending on the kind of game you’re playing. For starters, you’ll need a 64-bit window along with at least 6GB of Ram.

Hardware Requirements

You’ll also need a reasonably powerful GPU like the GTX 1050 to make games run. Keep in mind, that there is a major difference between games being playable and running. Even with a high-end PC, there might still be games that don’t necessarily run as smooth as on the Nintendo Wii U since Cemu is still in the experimental phase. In addition, to run games smoothly you’ll need to manually configure the aspects of emulation or load presets that other users share online to optimize each game title separately.

Cemu Graphic Packs & Shader Cache

To play Cemu games in higher resolutions, you’ll need to download Cemu graphic Packs that improve not only the resolution but also make the graphics much better. The most noticeable examples are the graphic Packs for Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild and Mario Kart 8 which are used to make a variety of graphics changes to the game which can be regarded as the equivalent of modding for Cemu.

Cemu loads the entire graphics cache on the game into the memory when it loads up which means you’ll need a lot of it if you want to play graphics heavy games like Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild on Cemu. You’ll need to buildup Cemu shader cache by playing games or by downloading user shared caches.

Cemu Control Options

As far as controls are concerned, Cemu provides users with a variety of different ways to control the game which include both the both the standard Wii U remote or the Pro or classic controller. Alternatively, you can just use the keyboard, joysticks and even Xbox controllers. Some players have even managed to mod mouse support into the game which does make Cemu games a lot more enjoyable for PC users.

Playing Videos in Cemu

One of the hardest parts of emulation is decoding the moving and videos from the game to run on PCs. Both Cemu and RPCS3, currently the most powerful emulators for their respective consoles, still can’t manage to decode videos properly. Luckily for Cemu, there are 3rd party plugins like Cemuhook that allow for in-game videos that are in h.264 format can be viewed without any issue. This is the video format used by Legend Of Zelda Breath of The Wild.

Cemu Updates & Releases

Developers behind Cemu are working on the emulator full time which is one of the key reasons behind its amazing growth. With each release, the developers have managed to fix a variety of bug, improve performance for quite a few games and make emulation more precise and reliable for the Nintendo Wii U. Currently, the latest Cemu version is 1.11.0 which can be downloaded from the official site.